The 22 Project

Mackenzie Verdi

"When I met Alex at the 22 Project and H.O.W. it changed me for the better. I started the Hyperbaric and after a good week or so I noticed I was sleeping a whole lot better and that my mood was changing. I had more focus throughout the day and my attitude was that of someone who cared. I started to go back to school which gave me a sense of direction and purpose. If it was not of these programs I do not know where I would be today. It has severely changed my life for the better and I cannot express enough thanks to these wonderful programs". - Mackenzie Verdi
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"I never lost the will, i just lost the strength, but i still put one foot in front of the other, i guess some Habits of being a soldier are harder to get rid of. I am forever grateful for the light that the 22 project has Given me in my darkest hours, like they say “i see the light”. So if you ask me for my advice; i recommend it. If you choose to improve your quality of life- just lie there And breathe, everything will take care of itself. If you are someone who is going through this, just know You are not alone. The 22 project community will be there as your battle buddy in life. ". - Javier Gomez
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Sarah Yuengling

"One day when I was at treatment I met a wife of a veteran and she told me about The 22 Project, that they funded a brain scan for her husband and the chamber treatment. I contacted Alex, The 22 Project founder and we spoke. I wanted to get information to help other veterans. He said he could help me and let’s do a brain scan on you and have you see the doctor with them. So I did the results did show TBI and the doctor explained everything to me. This helped me because I knew something was wrong and I wanted to get better." - Sarah Yuengling
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